Ended up traveling to Barcelona for a few days and spent it walking around, exploring the beautiful city. There isn't much more to say than a few words when it comes to Barcelona, lush and colorful. We were lucky and were able to visit during the fall, where the weather cooled down and there weren't that many people. Bringing the city down to our level and keeping it a bit quieter. Exploring the small streets infused with hole in the walls coffee places, distant laughter, and beautiful sunlight piercing through the narrow roads really made this whole trip memorable. Visiting the Sagrada Familia in the downtown section was another highlight, and witnessing the pure height and beauty of it was something I never thought architecturally possible. It's been one of my favorite locations to date. I'm not a food blogger, but the food also was something extremely rewarding, and dear god was it amazing! I can't say I had anything bad in BCN, and it's hard to imagine not wanting to live there full time! It's truly an amazing travel destination and would easily find myself re-visiting it once more!